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Beware users! A shocking OTP fraud just happened

In this easy and quick world of technology where we have benefits, we also have a threat to our personal information which has become too normal to share with the internet. Cybercrime is a normal and accepted existent in the cyber space. We all are aware if we have access to internet for good reasons, there are others who use it for bad reasons as well. Recently, such a crime was reported and its a good lesson for all us internet lovers. A woman in January, received a call from a person who identified himself as an employee of the State Bank of India. The person told her the bank was renewing debit cards of account holders. The person kept calling her and even made her speak to another person, who identified himself as a senior bank manager. This person told the woman that if she didn't renew her card, her account would be closed. Hearing this, she got scared and told them her 14-digit debit card number. "The caller then told her to give him an OTP number she had received on her phone, but sensing something, she refused. But after a lot of insistence from the caller, she gave him a false OTP. When the caller told her the OTP was incorrect, the woman somehow came to rely on him and revealed the correct OTP and soon she received a message that Rs 9,705 had been withdrawn from her account. Realizing she had been frauded, she contacted the bank and got her account blocked. Luckily, the police have busted the gang that defrauded her of over Rs 9,700, and found that it had cheated many others as well, in all of Rs 5.5 lakh. Three Jharkhand residents were a part of the gang and they were arrested in Odisha by Mumbai's cybercrime cell. Dear users, moral of the story is we live in an internet world where we super exposed infront of the world, its better to be cautious and stay safe. And to maintain financial safety, one-time password (OTP) for any transaction, should never be revealed, certainly not to strangers.

Umang, the app that allows access Indian Government's services through web and mobile

Narendra Modi’s dream of a digitised India is a step closer to be true. The ruling government’s stand to blend India into the digital world has made a massive progress with the launch of ‘Umang’, an app that will allow easy access to Indian Government’s services. Umang is an app for android and totally free. It is the latest app from Government of India, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is a one-stop shop for all central and state government services available today. Some of the services you can take advantage of are PAN card, passport, land records, GST, NDMC, income tax and PF. These can vary according to the state you select in your profile. The app gives you an option to choose from a variety of languages you prefer - anything between English, Hindi and ten regional languages. All you need to do to get started with using ‘Umang’ is an easy one-time registration using your mobile number. You can even link your Aadhaar card for easy access to the various services available on the app - though this step is not mandatory. The app is user friendly; it has a tilebased interface and allows you to sort services by type. You can even check notifications from various services with just one tap. In addition, the app also shows information about each service with respective links to websites, phone numbers, email addresses and office locations in your locality. Dear users, isn't this a great initiative by our ruling government to bring all these services into one location.

Jio Cashback Offer’s Last Date Extended to December 15

Right from the launch of Reliance Jio, it has been offering consumers super exciting tariff plans and deals, making them super happy and loyal users. An exciting offer announced earlier this month, Reliance Jio’s “Jio Triple Cashback” is offering cashback providing customers with benefits worth up to Rs. 2,599, which was supposed to end on November 25. However, the telecom operator has quietly extended the last date of the offer, moving it to December 15. This means Prime users will be able to get the Jio vouchers, wallet cashback, and online travel and shopping discounts till the middle of next month. However, the list of Jio partners offering wallet cashbacks has become smaller this time around. Under the Jio Triple Cashback offer, subscribers who purchase recharges of Rs. 399 and above from MyJio or site will get Rs. 400 cashback in the form of eight vouchers of Rs. 50. These vouchers can be used to deduct Rs. 50 while purchasing future recharge packs. Also, if you use digital wallets to pay for the recharge pack, you will get cashback in there as well. So for example, if you join the Jio network as a new user and use Amazon Pay to buy a Rs. 459 recharge, you will receive the vouchers worth Rs. 400 from Jio and Rs. 50 cashback as Pay balance, totalling Rs. 450. Both the wallet cashback and the Jio vouchers can be redeemed immediately. Under the cashback offer, you will get Rs. 399 discount on transactions worth Rs. 1,500 and above on, and Rs. 500 instant discount on purchases of Rs. 1,999 and above on Similarly, Jio’s partnership with will give you a Rs. 1,000 discount on round trip domestic flights, and Rs. 500 on a one-way ticket. Users can redeem these discounts after November 20 or immediately.

Google working on feature to accurately estimate battery life

We can’t survive without them or avoid being online but the only thing that fears us is the ‘dying battery’ - a forever problem. But now we have our savior, the God of internet - Google! Yes, in an attempt to make life easier and make battery life’s estimate more accurate, Google is all set to introduce a new "on-device" feature named "smart battery" to Pixel smartphones. Have you ever been in a position where you have wondered that your battery was 70% and suddenly it went as low as 40%? Surely, you would have! This has been a major complaint of smartphones ever since its invention! Usually your phone would estimate your battery loss with simple assumptions. If you've used about 10 per cent per hour over the past few hours, we would guess you will keep using 10 per cent per hour. Undoubtedly, battery life assumptions are quite misleading. To fix this, Google has built an on-device model which is going to work on your smart phone’s understanding of the battery usage on similar days and times, and shall use that to predict your battery life in a personalized way. According to Android Authority the feature is already working for on Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P smartphones that run Android 8.1 Oreo developers preview (DP). Dear users, finally to ease our lives even further, the God of internet - Google is soon coming up with ”Smart battery”, designed to give users better estimates on what to expect from their battery through the day.

Xiaomi announces launch of 'Desh ka smartphone’

In this tough competition in the world among smartphone makers, no brand is leaving a stone unturned to produce an efficient smartphone that would be easily acceptable among the masses. Xiaomi tweeted out on its Indian Twitter handle that it will be launching a new phone in India on 30 November. The company plans to strengthen the concept of “Make in India” and has come up with a tagline for this new device is #Deshkasmartphone and it might be possible that the company will be launching a smartphone that is completely built in India. Recently, Xiaomi opened up its third manufacturing plant in Noida and also said that it plans to invest up to $1 billion in startups over the next five years to build an India-centric product portfolio. All these reports suggest that Xiaomi plans to go along the lines of smartphone makers like Micromax and produce an India centric and basic entry-level smartphone. Dear users, rumours have it that seeing massive sales of Redmi Note 4 in India, there is a very minute possibility that the 'Desh ka phone' could actually be the Redmi Note 5.

After Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea Cellular offer cash backs

The year 2017 has been the quite lucky for all the telecom users in India. With the launch of Jio by Reliance, an intense competition has been created in the telecom industry; forcing almost all the telecom operators to either play in this game started by Reliance Jio or lose customers. In order to keep up in the game, telecom operators are offering cashback options in the higher tariff range to sustain – if not increase – average revenue per user and encourage the use of mobile wallets, through which the money is returned. Average revenue per user (ARPU) is a key industry parameter which decreased almost 40% in September from a year earlier, when Jio started its initially-free services. After Reliance Jio Infocomm and Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular has started cashback offers in the tariff range of Rs 300 and above and soon Vodafone India is expected to follow the same path. But now with Reliance Jio gradually increasing data rates, the telecom industry is trying new ways to increase ARPU while sustaining their existing users and attracting new ones. Earlier, telecom operates provided various offers in different price bands which were usually not in the high price range. But now operators are focusing on the Rs 340-380 price band. To this, analysts have said that ARPU will either increase or remain flat but not decline in the next few quarters. In today’s time, Cashback is one of the best trial and tested methods to retain customers and attract more.

How to Read a Deleted WhatsApp Message Someone Sent You

WhatsApp’s new feature of deleting the message has amazed every user. It’s almost surprising that now you can send someone what you want to and deletes it in case you aren't sure enough to say it. Imagine, now all the lovers can atleast have the benefit of confessing. But technology being at its best, has found a loophole. Yes, no longer can your deleted WhatsApp message is safe. The most widely used instant messaging app, WhatsApp’s new rolled out - "Delete for Everyone" feature recently. But have you wondered where do these deleted messages really disappear from the phone? A new report claims that WhatsApp messages that are deleted are actually still on the device and can be easily accessed. Android Jefe, a Spanish Android blog has claimed that deleted messages are present in the notification log of the device. Shocking, right? But its true! Here’s how to read deleted WhatsApp messages someone sent you - 1. The blog explains that anyone can access deleted WhatsApp messages sent to them via a third-party app named Notification History which can be downloaded via Google Play. 2. After downloading the app, users will have to search the message in the Android notification log. 3. The notification log can be accessed without the need of an additional app. 4. Long press the home screen, then tap on Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log. You can then access the system's notification log. 5. On stock Android, a Settings widget can give access to the notification log as well. Dear users, reportedly, the trick works on an Android device. Check it out now! Discover if someone has ever sent you a WhatsApp message and then deleted it.